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Nonprofit Research, Education, Planning and Exercises.

A service program  of the Disaster Emergency Response Association


Your success is our mission.


Success requires resilience to withstand misfortune and preparedness to seize unexpected opportunities.

Principal staff at the Institute have supported organizations around the world with all levels of preparedness and disaster recovery. That global experience is available to serve the needs of your organization.


No matter the size of your organization nor your level of preparedness, we offer proven strategies and practical solutions to make you stronger and more resilient..


Since 1962, our nonprofit organization has been helping individuals, communities and businesses to prepare for, respond to and prevail over the unexpected.


Our senior staff carry the highest certifications in the field of business continuity, emergency management, project management, business recovery and systems integration.


We provide a wide range of services and products to help you be better prepared for the unexpected.  These include:


- Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation

- Business Impact Analysis

- Contingency and Continuity Planning

- Staff Training and Exercises

- Strategic Planning and Development

- Consulting and Professional Services

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